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150 players at the same time

Fun, immersive, and dynamic open-world where 150 players including you can battle in a dystopian-fantasy arena. Invite others to explore its intriguing landscape with you.


Exciting battles & original narrative story

The modes of the game allow you to experience a gripping unputdownable competitive gaming environment with intricate details. Here you can fight against real players and the AI environment.


Tough and terrific boss enemies

Test your gaming excellence by fighting the toughest bosses in each level with near-death experiences. Storm your brain for swift tactics and battle strategy to tackle the endless menace of mutants from space.


Lightning-quick platforming

Use the rhythmic fighting to cut through enemies while keeping combat entertaining. Lightning-speed insane combat using Kinect to track and capture movements allows you to set a breakneck tempo that is just intoxicating!

The prized peace had been forgotten when an alien named phantom skeleton came to the planet zenda using a dimensional portal and forced human civilization in dire state. the unrest grew into a nightmare in no time while the humans and the monsters faced off in a battle for freedom and dominance.

The battlecry swept across the land; humans were doomed, monsters triumphed on top of the spoils of war; but from the despair of losing everything, a beacon of hope rose above all others and mech angel were ordained. Humans and mech angel formed a formidable alliance to fight against the evil to regain the threatened freedom, to bring back the lost peace and one more light to the realm of happiness.